Day Trip along Causeway Coastal Route

What can we say about the Causeway Coastal Route, it has to be seen to be believed!! Gorgorous Glens, Vanishing lakes, fantastic forests, quaint villages, stunning coastline, hideaway harbours… I could go on forever, but you will find so much to see and do around the Causeway Coastal Route that one day trip will not be enough!!

There are scenic surprises you will find on and off the route. Deserted ruins of castles, churches, cairns and forts remind the traveller of transient time.  Defiant Dunluce stands on a cliff, resisting the incessant waves below. Mussenden Temple mocks the harsh cliff face below and the ruined mansion behind. Irish chieftains fought and won possession of lands, a castle and a friary in Antrim. Myths and legends abound with ghosts and giants associated with coastal and inland places. Saint Patrick’s disciple, Olcan, is buried at Armoy, not far off the main route. There are many leisure opportunities for golfing, cycling, angling and walking along the Causeway Coastal Route. This isn’t a journey to rush, so make time for sightseeing and relaxation.

Ballyness is at the heart of the route so you could spend several days out and about. The Causeway Rambler bus service runs from the park frequently during May to September and is the perfect opportunity to see some of the Causeway Coastal Route without having to drive.

The more you see the more you will want to come back and visit again!!

For more information of all the events and attractions log onto Visit Causeway Coast and Glens webiste

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