The reopening of our amenities after COVID 19

10th Jul 20


We are aware of our responsibility to look after our customers and staff and for this reason we implemented some temporary restrictions which have been assessed daily since reopening on the 26th June. It has been a pleasure to welcome everyone back and the adherence to these new rules by our wonderful customers has been impressive.


Based on an updated risk assessment we made the decision to reopen the play park, the toilets and laundry on Saturday 4th July. Since our reopening on 26th June we found that children from different sites were playing with each other despite the play park remaining closed. Opening the play park has reduced the risk of children playing in areas of the caravan site that are not safe and also having a centralised location makes it easier to focus our cleaning efforts. It was also identified that having our chemical waste disposal point open but not the toilets carried too much risk due to the higher frequency of usage than had been expected. We opened the toilets to spread the usage over our whole facilities and we have been able to manage the increased cleaning of the facilities.


We plan to open the shower facilities and games barn on the 11th of July but if at any time we feel it is unsafe we will have to close them again.